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  1. Total CONGRATULATIONS to you!!!!!
    From someone who also recently started new job in very new sector – loads of empathy and aware of opportunities and challenges. With you all the way – Love Chris
    PS Life Clubs help me set weekly goals and more long term goals – as a ‘clubber’ I left a difficult job and took a ‘gap’ year before applying for work – C

  2. Total admiration to anyone who completes a knitting task – well done u!!!! Have a wonderful sister who’s brilliant and ‘handiwork’ and so wanted to be like her …….. in my youth would start major projects, capes (they were the fashion then), beadspreads (newly married), table cloths, all to be hand crotched (the only thing I succeeded at) – after many failurers and many years later I celebrate her and you and get on with my own special gifts – singing, music, creating stories and fun, and have the life to match my talents – LifeClubs does a whole workshop on finding our gifts. Love – Chris

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