Pen-pal wanted

We received these two postcards from a lady in France who, as you can see, has had cancer and would love a pen-pal. She read about My Best Thing Today in a magazine but has no internet. If you like writing letters and would like to write to her, please let us know and we’ll introduce you to each other. Maybe you’d like to practise your French? Thanks so much, Nina (

3 thoughts on “Pen-pal wanted

  1. Hello! I study French at university and would love to write to her. I am also about to go and live in France!
    Many thanks. 🙂
    (I think this is a really fantastic, magical thing to have happened, I hope writing to her will make a huge difference)

  2. Even though I am under 16 years old I would really be interested in talking to her. She sounds quite lonely and I really would like to be her pen-pal. Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much Sophie – that’s so kind. A few people have asked and I’m going to write and ask her if that’s OK to give out her address – I’m sure she’ll say ‘Yes’.

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