7 thoughts on “New Family Member

  1. My Best Thing Today? Meeting Eliza, Charlotte – just 5 hours old! The first few hours of a little one’s life feel very blessed – a most spiritual experience.

  2. Here are some name suggestions from Facebook fans (if you’re interested):
    Robin, Bandit, Yogi, and Zorro

    Do let us know what name you’ve chosen! x

    1. Thanks – Its a choice between Zorro and Murphy at the moment (yes, we had chosen Zorro as a possibility too). Hoping to visit him again next week to see if he has grown into either name

    2. Dear All
      Many thanks for the name suggestions – Zorro and Bandit were close contenders but after visiting the pup again we have decided on Murphy. Cant wait to pick him up early May and looking forward to chewing, toilet training, introduction to the cats and some sleepless nights!

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