One thought on “Preparing at the Southbank

  1. My Best Thing(S) Today ………….. I’ve a list!!
    1. Starting my new job – I LOVE IT!!
    2. Going for a ‘power-walk’ up the ‘cow field’ and ‘best thing’ is cows were in the nextdoor field!
    3. Going to the library and preparing ‘Happiness’ workshop – I realised just how happy I am and how good my life is ………. it’s the same ‘life’ as last year ……….. is this to do with an ‘upgraded’ attitude or changed perspective and how I CHOOSE to respond to Life??
    4. Best and most wonderful thing Today – all the lovely people in my life – Richard, Lucy, Chrissey, Maggie< Mum, Sisters plus many, many more!
    What a wonderful Life

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