about Life Clubs

Each week at Life Clubs we start by thinking about what the best thing that happened to us that day was. Because it’s so easy to think of what went ‘wrong’ with a day, we’d like you to start thinking about what went ‘right’. It’s all about knowing there’s a choice of what to think.

Life Clubs was started in 2004 by Nina Grunfeld, former Daily Telegraph (Get A Life) columnist and author of The Big Book of Me, The Life Book and How To Get What You Want.

Look at our website to find your nearest club or ask us to come to your workplace or school. We work for many FTSE100 companies, the NHS, charities and in schools too.

If you’d like to go along to your local Life Club, type in this discount code, MBTT2011, when booking one of our monthly passes. To look at the workshops that we’re running over the next month, see below.

Each of our 50 workshops (represented by the boxes around the edge of the circumference of the circle) is only run once a year, so if you’re interested in a topic, book now

In June we’re focusing on relationships and getting on with life – both at work and home. July is filled with fun, light and incisive workshops that you’ll love.

Week of 20th June: Making Relationships Work

A vital relationships workshop in which you discover the truth about your relationships – and yourself

Learn: How to move a relationship forwards
Improve: The way you behave in a relationship
A communication workshop: The learning from this relationship will be useful with family, friends and colleagues
Why now?: Lots of relationships become more intense in the heat
Life Clubs helps you think more clearly: Relationships are all about you

Week of 27th June: Creating Space

A Life Clubs classic. It will leave you feeling freer and ready to start anything

Learn: Why you’re hanging on to stuff you want to get rid of
Improve: Anything and everything – from your e-mails to your tummy
An organisation workshop: This is just the beginning of a new life – how exciting is that???
Why now?: Like I said, it’s the start of a new season – let’s just get ready for change
Each Life Club is totally relevant to you and where you are at any stage of your life: Come along and enjoy it – you’ll wonder what took you so long

Week of 4th July: Getting Out Of The Box

Whether or not you think you’re creative, you can learn to think creatively and this exciting workshop will show you how

Learn: 7 creative skills
Improve: The fun you have and the way you think – more creatively
A creativity workshop: This is creative thinking – think Mad Men
Why now?: This workshop would be fantastic any week – tools to get you unstuck
Life Clubs helps you think more clearly: And what an incredibly useful skill to have

Week of 11th July: Never Again

Eliminate choices to understand yourself and what you know you don’t want to do again

Learn: How to tackle life backwards and come up with solutions you never felt were possible
Improve: Your brain… and your life
A change workshop: You can’t find all this out about yourself and stay thinking the same way
Why now?: Great time to get a strategy for choosing what flavour ice cream you want to eat
Life Clubs is all about you: This workshop will help you find (and trust) your intuition

Week of 18th July: Want or Need?

Get clearer on your relationship with money and how important it is to you

Learn: What the next step is in terms of getting the most out of your money
Improve: The way you think and feel about money
A balance workshop: You’ll leave feeling in control of your financial situation
Why now?: Who isn’t talking about money right now?
Each Life Club is about you: This Life Club is immensely practical and very thought-provoking. Essential in the current climate

Week of 25th July: From The Outside In

Our self-image has an effect on most parts of our life. Let’s work on making it a good one!

Learn: 8 ways to improve your self-image
Improve: The way you think about your body – and yourself
A success workshop: Just imagine what you’ll gain from having a positive self-image
Why now?: Summer is the perfect time to reassess your body-image
Each Life Club is totally relevant to you and where you are at any stage of your life: Whether or not you’ve ever thought about your self-image, this relationship will make you feel – and look – great!

28 responses to “about Life Clubs

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  3. Thank you for the informative resources. I think it really helps people out there. I am working on a Gratitude Journal side project myself which allows people to enter 3 things they are grateful about each day before the day ends and was wondering if it will benefit anyone of you. Just throwing some ideas around, let me know how I can improve it to be more useful to you. You can see a wireframes of the screen at http://i.imgur.com/EGIqJ1l.png


    The best thing that happened to me today was having a family meeting to talk about what had annoyed us all today at work and school and we found different ways to deal with all of our problems. And we all felt much happier enlisting each others support.


    The best thing that happened to me today was realising I don’t have to be like everyone else.

  6. Claire

    This is a fab idea, I’m going to spend five minutes everyday with my class and ask them what the best thing has been each day. Will show them the postcards on the website to get them inspired!

  7. Eli

    My best thing today was discovering that ‘mybestthingtoday’ existed. It’s a lovely thought to know that such motivated, positive people are out there and creating happiness! Thank you and happy festive season !

  8. Kim

    The best thing that happened to me today was: While trudging to work in the snow the handsome stranger I see every morning walking his dog said hello to me and asked me how I was doing. I was smiling all the rest of the way to work and didn’t care that I was cold and wet! 🙂

  9. reena patel

    excellent idea! love it love it love it

    • Thank you Reens, we love your support!

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  10. ross

    teaching grace tricks

  11. ross

    been with my family

  12. Nina

    What a wonderful idea.

    In a world where we seem intent on focusing on the negative it’s comforting to relate to people the world over when they can still see that tiny ray of light shining through into their day.

    This site shall sit as a firm favourite on my toolbar.

    • How lovely Nina to sit on your toolbar. So glad you like us. Certainly this is my best thing today!

      Do also visit our lifeclubs.com. Maybe there’s a club near you – I’m sure you’d enjoy them.

      Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for getting in touch.
      (Other) Nina

  13. amy

    The best thing today was finding this website and of course seeing my best friend 🙂

  14. Hi Hayley,
    That’s great. Really looking forward to your postcards. Bung them all in an envelope one day. Thanks, Nina

  15. Hayley Rose

    I love the postcards idea and im glad i came across it in cosmo magazine. I am going to make a postcard everyday becuause making my first one today made me feel much better after a hellish day at work. i will send lots in when i have the extra pennies. love it!

  16. Thanks Layla, we hope lots of people will benefit too x

  17. Kim

    The postcards are an amazing idea – really made me smile x

  18. Layla Gama

    Love the idea of lifeclubs, think its great and that a lot of ppl will benefit:).

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