Poetry Postcards from Today I love

At the Southbank Centre we had a poet, Julia Bird, working with us.

Here are some of the poems from the “Today I love”. Many thanks to Julia Bird for her poetic inspiration!

What are we?

This site is all about putting a smile on your face and encouraging you find another way to look at the world.

A month ago we went to the Southbank Centre to celebrate the Royal Wedding and made a lot of ‘Today I Love’ cards with children and their parents. They are brilliant.

If you scroll back, you’ll see more of our ‘My Best Thing Today’ postcards by adults. They are brilliant too.

Do send us your postcards. They always make us smile.


Today I love @ the Southbank Centre

Thanks so much for joining us at the Southbank Centre for the “Today I love” workshop. Over the next few days we’ll be putting up the kids postcards, stay tuned for more postcards.

Special thanks to the Hayward Huddle and Julia Bird for her poetic inspiration!

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