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Today I love @ the Southbank Centre

Thanks so much for joining us at the Southbank Centre for the “Today I love” workshop. Over the next few days we’ll be putting up the kids postcards, stay tuned for more postcards.

Special thanks to the Hayward Huddle and Julia Bird for her poetic inspiration!


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more Festival of Britain postcards

Great combination of art and poetry from the children at the Southbank – just look at that cat and read the Haiku!

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Preparing at the Southbank

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Twin Calves

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My Sunflower

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Easy Living…

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Easy Living Postcards, more to come….

Easy Living Magazine did a feature on My Best Thing Today and created their own postcards. Here are a few, more to come…

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Illustration by Gemma Randall

This wonderful illustration is for an article about us in The Big Issue (Jan 10th 2011)


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