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Life Clubs visits Thomson Reuters

Today Life Clubs ran a workshop on creativity for Thomson Reuters. We asked participants for their ‘best things today’ and were impressed that by 10.15 am there were so many great ‘best things’. Here are a few:

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Each week at Life Clubs we start by thinking about what the best thing that happened to us that day was. Sometimes it’s things that we’ve done ourselves (eg ‘I finished my project’) and other times it’s things that have happened to us (eg ‘A friend texted me’).  Because it’s so easy to think of what went ‘wrong’ with a day, we’d like you to start thinking about what went ‘right’. It’s all about knowing there’s a choice of what to think.

We love getting creative and hope you do too.

Send a postcard of your best thing to ‘My Best Thing’, 3, Smith Square, London SW1P 3HS, England for us to publish. We won’t be able to reply to you individually, but we will be both grateful for your card and inspired by what you have written as will everyone else looking at the site. Thank you.

If you’re interested in Life Clubs, do come and look at our website and find your nearest club or ask us to come to your workplace or school. We work for many FTSE100 companies, the NHS, charities and in schools too.


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