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We love getting creative and hope you do too.

Send a postcard of your best thing to ‘My Best Thing’, 3, Smith Square, London SW1P 3HS, England for us to publish. We won’t be able to reply to you individually, but we will be both grateful for your card and inspired by what you have written as will everyone else looking at the site. Thank you.

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  5. Cherry

    My best thing today was standing up to my housing office about a room change that they haven’t sorted 🙂 took me 2 weeks but I’ve finally found the courage to call up and request change 🙂 let’s just hope they do something about it 🙂

  6. Jasmine

    My best things today was the telephone call from my wonderful 24 year old son saying thanks mum for listening to me which helped me to work things out. Also realising that I am the happiest that I have been for the last 13 years because I am working on my happiness (Have had a lot of traumatic events including the murders of my sister & first cousin during this period). It all began with my finding out about the article by action for happiness on twitter this afternoon which led me to a wealth of resources including this site and Life Club amongst others. I hope to attend my nearest life club in Hammersmith next Monday evening. Finally found a way to meet like minded people whilst changing my life for the better how exciting.

    • Congratulations on coming through so many upsetting events and how lovely that you’ve found us all. We very much look forward to meeting you. It was my eldest son’s birthday 24th birthday today! Best wishes, Nina x

      • Hi HazelSorry for the delay in getting back to you. With coaelrcimms the period of time it takes to make a decision is down to the client (Mr Heineken, Mr Nike whoever). This is usually linked to when the shoot date is. I have confirmed people on jobs the night before the shoot and even on the day of the shoot, but usually you should know a few days before (wardrobe call etc). So its a how long is a piece of string’ scenario i’m afraid, there is no set time. Best thing to do is email me the link to your clips and ill let you know if I think their damaging or not.Email to

  7. Payal

    My best thing today was finding out about this great website 🙂

  8. Nat

    Today there were lots of good things, but my best thing was waking up next to my bf, knowing I dealt with a situation differently and both of us getting ready for work in a cheerful mood. My second best thing was making another juicy ginger cake to cheer someone up.

  9. Nat

    This is such a positive act… just to TRY and decide the best bit about the day, every day. Helps me to drag something nice into the forefront of my mind, even if it’s a small thing.

    Like today, my best thing thing was waking up this morning after a full night asleep – no waking up at 3am!

  10. the best thing that happened to me today was that i went for a loooooonnng walk with my best friend after like ages..!!!!

  11. Natalie

    My best things today (so far) were taking my first hot sip of weekend coffee and seeing that my bean plant has sprouted little purple flowers.

  12. Natalie

    I’m really overwhelmed and happy that I found this site. x

  13. Harmony

    Just found out about this website in this month’s Glamour Magazine!
    My best thing today was discovering this website and seeing all the good things that have happened to other people… will be visiting the site every day from now on xxx

  14. ankita

    i read abt this site from this month’s Cosmo…
    well the best thing that happened to me today is… i went on a soothing date wid my boyfriend 🙂

  15. Anwesha Ray Bhatnagar

    My best thing today was that I enrolled myself in a new course. Looking forward to it..

  16. merilin

    Found out about this page in Estonia’s Cosmopolitan – lovely!
    My best thing today was a nice walk in the park, full on children and the sun was shining brightly 🙂

  17. Jane Caldwell

    At 51 in February I’ve just set up in business with my husband! We’ve bought a lovely gift shop and cafe in Arnside, Cumbria. Being there doesn’t feel like work and the view from the front window of the Kent Estuary and the sun sets make my heart sing on a daily basis! (please tell my feet though! not used to standing all day – but I have lost an extra 2lbs in weight from the extra activity!!!)

  18. Amy Wootton

    My best thing today was finding out that i have been accepted into college ! xx

  19. Geneva

    I’ve just came across this site through Glamour Magazin. My best thing today was when 1 year old daughter tried to wipe my mouth with her after drinking my tea.

  20. 4chuckluck

    I live in the U.S. And came across this site from the UK Edition of Cosmo….I think it’s great. My best thing today was seeing my little niece after a funky day.

  21. Just read about this website in an old copy of Easy Living and had to come take a look – and love it . There will be a postcard in the post in the next few days.
    My best thing today was meeting a friend for a cuppa and a good old natter.

  22. Chloe

    My best thing today was doing a Zumba exercise class. I couldn’t stop smiling. Good fun!

  23. Liana

    While stuck in traffic this morning I noticed that the brake lights from the car in front were making the rain drops on my windscreen turn red….so it looked as if my windscreen was covered in red sparkle…sounds quite sad really but it put a smile on my face and it certainly is the best thing that happened today!!!!!!

  24. Yun Hou

    The best thing today is receiving feedbacks about my essay from my friend!

  25. Helena

    My best thing today was to discovering that website and going to the ocean and swim and jump in the waves with my friends:)
    Thank you!

  26. Vanessa Easlea

    The best thing today is that I made marmalade and it came out so much better than I expected! Cant wait to taste it now

  27. I LOVE IT! Hoorah for positivity- but what about a widget so I can share with my friends on Facebook ??

  28. Hi, I read about your site in the Big Issue magazine and thought is was a really good idea to write about what your best thing for today is. My best thing for today was watching my daughter sing in the junior choir for her school in church. The whole family was there to watch and it was quite a nice experience for us all.



  29. liana

    My best thing today was that I found this website!!!

  30. Denise Howe

    My best thing today was speaking to my Beauty Therapist about ageing. As I approach my 50th!! B irthday, I know that I can continue to strive to look the best I can. (I never tell anyone my age) A very positive conversation. I am bringing up a Granddaughter that nobody really wanted (now 3) and am surviving breast cancer.

  31. Chloe

    My best thing today was going out for lunch with friends and colleagues I have not seen for two weeks.

  32. christina thomas

    Best Thing Today – Life Clubs telling me how ‘not’ to make a new year’s resolution – I love ‘back-to-front’ thinking – it always gives me a starting point. Thanks Life Clubs – Chris

  33. charly

    My boss called me to say that I deserved to be payed extra this year.

  34. Taylorr lemmon

    the best thing today was that my beautiful twin (ilove in the whole wide world) got up early made me breakfast and made me lunch for work today 🙂 lovee herr !

  35. Ashalea Lemmon

    its so cuteee…. i couldnt stop smiling the whole way through 🙂 ❤

  36. Susan

    my best thing today was walking back home after dropping kids at achool in the crisp new snow as the sun was still coming up….absolutely stunning with everything covered in snow and made me feel 10 years old again making the first prints in the snow ..ah, memories!!

  37. Sabrina Allen

    My best thing today was that I beat my best score on scrabble. Possibly mundane, but made my day nevertheless 🙂

  38. Caroline Anthony

    My best thing today was cuddling, tickling and kissing George (3) and Mikey (1), my sons, until they were doubled over with laughter,it was gorgeous!

  39. Crystal

    The best thing that happened today was the abiliy to call my boyfriend of two years while we are separated by law.

  40. Paula

    I also read about this site through this months cosmo magazine, it really has brightened up my day and put a much needed smile on my face. Great idea!

  41. Karen Phillips

    What a brilliant idea – I read about this in Red magazine and will most definitely be part of it. Blogging / diaries etc tend to have us put down the rubbish parts of our day, but this really makes me think about literally, my best thing today. Can we post direct onto the site or only by post ? Either way, I’m off to buy stamps etc ……hehe – Many Thanks for bringing a smile and a happy thought into my head xxxxx

    • Hi Karen, thanks for your kind words. If you like this site, do come along to a Life Club – you’ll enjoy that too. Post directly onto the site as you have and send us postcards. We’re trying to find a way to get you to be able to upload your pictures onto these comments – anyone have any ideas? All best and thanks for making us smile too x

  42. Kim

    I found out about this site through Spirit & Destiny magazine.
    What a wonderful and fun thing to do each day. It is enjoyable to find out what makes other people’s day!

    • Hi Kim, we think it’s fun too. We look forward to hearing more about all your best things.

    • Dear Old Fossil. It is as you know and have experienced a tough old game. The free makret, smaller budgets etc opens the industry to non-card holders. This brings with it many good and bad things, one of the bad things you have listed. One of the good things is that certain great projects would never have been made if people had to work within the equity guide lines. Another point I would like to make is that you should not wait to be told your an actor, a card, training, showreel, merits etc should not define you as an actor become an actor when you have respect for the craft, others and the fact its a tough industry. As for approaching Downtown Abbey etc, your agent or you could send your info to the casting director or you could send it directly to the production office. Either way it should get reviewed. Keep on thriving dear Old Fossil.

  43. Stacey Bennett

    That’s brilliant! Good luck with it!! I have only just come across this site after reading this month’s Cosmopolitan and it is great!! I will be coming on everyday to get my happiness fix 😀

    Stace x

  44. christina thomas

    Arriving at the age of 60 last week deciding to take on a maths 0 level!!!
    What an inspiration ……….. and challange – that’s what happens when you go to Life Club!!
    Chris x

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