From Psychologies Magazine:, the new venture from personal improvement workshops, Life Clubs, launched last month, and in just a few weeks has had some rather lovely entries. The site features postcards sent in anonymously about, obviously, the best thing that happened to the sender on a certain day. It has taken inspiration from PostSecret, the uber-successful blog where people use postcards to share their darkest secrets with the online world.

As PostSecret has now morphed into an online community, book, series of events and more, it’s clear that people are happy to share their darkest secrets with the world. But will they be quite so willing to share, and read about, happiness on Devoid of anything sordid, what’s the appeal? Isn’t the best part of Twitter – another outlet for people to broadcast their thoughts to the world  – reading the snarky comments and sarcastic hashtags?

We might not be used to seeing lots of positive stuff out there, but actually, wouldn’t it be rather nice to see a little glimpse of people’s happiness now and again?

Maybe we can learn a little from PostSecret. Its founder, Frank Warren, tells how his blog affects its followers: “I believe that eventually if you read through a PostSecret book or visit the website or come to a PostSecret event, you discover that one secret that might be a burden that you’re carrying in your own life that you’ve never articulated to yourself, but you see it there staring at you from a stranger’s post card, and that can be an epiphany.”

Perhaps we should approach in a similar way. Reading about what people consider to be the best part of their day might just help us to appreciate good things when they happen to us. And, of course, it’s always nice to have a look at the pictures too.

From Spots of Time – great page! We’re going to put a free box outside our front door! Thanks for idea.

From Gemma Randall blog: THE BIG ISSUE ‘My best thing today’

This was an illo I worked on for a recent BIG ISSUE article about good old positive thinking. Written by Nina Grunfeld the founder of Life Clubs who have recently created a website called ‘My Best Thing Today’ which displays peoples hand written and drawn postcards depicting their best moments of the day. Like she says in the article, and I concur ‘You will leave the site smiling’.

From Loveable Lulu blog:

People to often focus on the negative things that happen during their days. I wish we would all take a moment to be grateful for at least one positive thing, be it big or small, simple or extravagant, every day. Remembering things that once made you smile is a sure way for a smile to return…

So… what’s the best thing that’s happened you you today?
P.S. Mine was uncovering some old CD’s and hitting play – all the memories and (surprisingly) all the words came streaming back to me…

From Open Mind Hypnotherapy blog:

What a fabulous website!  Something I get many of my clients to do is to look back over their day or week and write down three things that have made them feel good.  It can be anything – something small like seeing a rainbow,  something big like getting a promotion, or anything in between.  It’s commonly known amongst the Quest community as “3 Gifts”, and I’ve found that clients can very quickly start to notice the results of doing it as their mood improves and they have less ‘bad days’ and many more ‘good days’.

The thinking behind it is that our brains are primed to look for evidence that supports our beliefs.  For example, lets say you sleep through the alarm clock in the morning, stub your toe on the bed as you stumble to the bathroom in a blind panic to get ready for work, miss your bus/train, and then end up being an hour late for the very important meeting with all the directors of the company… in all likelihood you’ll be thinking “What a bad start to the day.  I wonder what else is going to go wrong?”  By continuing your day with the belief that everything else will go wrong, it’s most likely that it will.  It’s so easy to get caught up in a negative spiral of thinking, and yet, by priming our brain to look for the positive things that are happening around us (and within us), it can be just as easy to create a positive spiral of thinking.

This website aims to get us to do just that, saying: “Because it’s so easy to think of what went ‘wrong’ with a day, we’d like you to start thinking about what went ‘right’. It’s all about knowing there’s a choice of what to think.”  I personally would add ‘feel’ to the end of that sentence as well.

Anyway, take a look at it.  You never know, it might just brighten up your day!  🙂

From AngelJanes World 🙂 blog

Oh the thrill of being responsible for making someone HAPPY! One of my favourite magazines is the well-known ‘Cosmopolitan’ this morning I was able to have a break and whilst reading Cosmopolitan, I found myself thinking about possible future Blog features…

I thought to myself, what to share with my readers?

In the magazine I spied an article on being happy… It was about a website According to my magazine the website helps to banish bad weather blues… Ultimately reminding us all that everyday can contain at least one sunny moment. So as you all know, I do try to find interesting snippets about things that will hopefully bring smile’s to faces and yes I know, I know… I also end up bringing a tear to your eye, but in my world today it’s ‘SMILEY DAY’ so I decided to check it out…

I immediately saw is a new venture from ‘LIFECLUBS’ (personal improvement workshops) I observed and read with interest some lovely postcards sent in anonymously about the best thing that happened to individual people in their day. I also wondered whether it got its idea from another website I’ve heard about called, which works in a similar way. Individuals send postcards in anonymously sharing their darkest secrets…

I totally agree with ‘Physiologies magazine’ (another favourite mag) that reading what other people consider to be the best part of their day can help us appreciate the good things when they happen to us. And in my own book, anything that helps us feel good about anything is well worth a look… 🙂

From Clothes & Cupcakes blog

Finally got my boots ❤

The NUS Card came through too so now the shopping can finally begin!

1.I also found a new website to replace 🙂  Who needs misery when you can have happiness?!

2. My favourite thing of the day ❤ (

3. My other favourite thing of the day ❤ (

From Louise Springthorpe (Twitter)

Love this website a reminder that everyday has sunny moments, no matter how small!

From Yolanda Earl (Twitter) – what a fab idea :o) – what a fab idea :o)

From (Bridget Bee)

So, I came across this website called ‘my best thing today’. The idea is really similar to postsecret: you send a postcard, which gets published on a website, but instead of a secret, your postcard features the best thing that happened to you all day, whether it is something huge or something trivial.

Here it is:

I thought the idea was really lovely; it is so nice to see something positive, and to remind myself that even on bad days there are at least some good things that happen!

My best thing today was writing and posting a letter to my grandmother, who I am starting to have a really close relationship with after years of not knowing her.

What was your best thing today?


Whenever you are in need of a quick pick me up, forget that cup of coffee or can of Red Bull.  All you need is a few minutes over at My Best Thing Today.

This incredible site is bursting with so many positive thoughts and uplifting words you couldn’t stay in a gloomy mood even if you tried.  Go ahead, I dare you.


every week i check out postsecretmy best thing today & enjoy reading other peoples good news or secrets that they’ve shared. a couple of weeks ago i thought why not join them & send in my good news?! i couldn’t believe it when i logged on today to check it & they’ve put it up! 🙂

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